Vastarel Tabs / Vastarel MR Tabs

Generic Vastarel tablets), an anti-ischemic (anti-anginal) metabolic agent, is used for the preventive treatment of episodes of angina pectoris. It is also used to treat Meniere’s disease and as an add-on treatment for visual disorders of circulatory origin, vertigo and tinnitus.



Description and usage for vastarel tabs:
Trimetazidine is prescribed for long term treatment of angina pectoris as well as tinnitus and dizziness. Trimetazidine 35mg and 60mg tablets improves myocardial glucose utilization by inhibiting the fatty acid metabolism. This is also known as fatty acid oxidation inhibitor. Further, Trimetazidine modulates mitochondrial metabolism to energize and revive damaged heart tissue.
Trimetazidine has been proven to have the capability to reverse the deadly impact of diminishing blood flow to the heart. This is the principal cardiovascular pathology behind most heart attacks.
We supply Carvidon MR manufactured by Micro Labs. Carvidon MR is the generic equivalent of Vastarel tablets and contains the active ingredient Trimetazidine 35 mg or 60 mg.
Trimetazidine Tablets (Generic Vastarel) – Dosage
The adult dosage of Trimetazidine tablets (Generic Vastarel) is one tablet in the morning and evening. Trimetazidine tablet should be taken along with food. Tablets should be swallowed with a glass of waterers of circulatory origin, vertigo and tinnitus.


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